Welcome to Astrographer, the journal of the Terran Astrographical Society. This is a site devoted to all the joys and complexities of creating realistic believable worlds for science fiction or fantasy.

Astrographer will include how-tos on the development of climate, terrain, biology, language and culture on imaginary worlds. I also intend to post reviews and instructional tutorials for applications useful in the creation and mapping of new worlds.

I hope that this site will prove to be informative to other people obsessed with the creation of imaginary worlds.  It is also very much my hope that this site can, in some small way, help to bring together a community of worldbuilding enthusiasts. Ultimately, it would be a great satisfaction to have this be a blog with many authors, bringing together a multitude of skills and ideas in one accessible location.

Thank you for your attention. Colin the Astrographer.

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