Last bit of progress on Sadwillow

I figure before I continue the mapping I need to be able to sit down with pencil and paper and do some planning.

Right now, I’m working on how the tectonic plates mesh together. This could potentially be done on the computer screen, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s also a good idea to use paper in the later stage when we are marking up ocean currents and atmospheric circulation as described in Geoff’s Climate Cookbook. So I made a somewhat prettified map based on a land/water mask I made in Wilbur.

I printed a few copies of this map out to mark up

I’ll sketch in some broad plate boundaries on the printed copies. From that information I can figure out where to put mountain ranges, volcanoes, mid-oceanic ridges and maybe add a few island chains. Mustn’t forget to add a few hot spots. What would my world be without the occasional Hawai’i or Yellowstone?

Hopefully, I’ve put up enough content to cause enough interest to keep people glancing over once in awhile to see what’s up. Hopefully, my writing skills will improve with practice. I’ll work on building a queue of daily posts, and maybe sometimes I’ll put up additional posts, when topical events or inspiration demands. And of course, I’ll try to answer comments quickly.

Thank you for your attention. See you tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Last bit of progress on Sadwillow

  1. I am really enjoying your posts, I’ve put your blog in my reader. Don’t know that I’ll have something to add everyday — that last post is pretty far beyond anything I have experience with, for example — but I’ll be reading along as you build Sadwillow.

    I find it interesting that you’ve gone back to paper, and I find myself studying the map and wondering where the hot spots will be.

  2. astrographer says:

    Hot spots seem to be fairly random, or at least I treat them that way. Just plop a few down, wherever caprice may lead me.

    Now, tectonic plates, those are hard. Mostly it’s just getting them distributed evenly on a three-dimensional surface with only a distorted two-dimensional projection to guide you. I think maybe I should try printing out a map as gores so I can lay everything out on an actual spherical surface.

    Maybe some smart programmer-type could develop an extension to Google Earth for editing rasters on a spherical surface. Then you just export the marked-up surface as a plate carée map. Sweet!

    Still not terribly happy with my plate map, but I think I have the separation lines pretty well worked out over the continents.

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