Ocean Currents

I’ve gotten a lot done in the last couple of days. I had some quality time with the kids, I rocked a job interview(one hopes), and I worked out the ocean currents and atmospheric circulation for Sadwillow.

I do think I’m developing an attractive cartographic standard for the Terran Astrographic Society here. I gave up on my iso-symbols, they looked like they were made by a brain damaged infant.

So… Yeah. Anyway!

As I said I worked out my ocean currents. I also worked out the atmospheric circulation. But I only have a pretty picture for the currents so far.

So what do you think evils? Do I have an attractive map here. As you can see, I’m beginning to play with climate-based coloring. It’s all in separate layers, so I can easily fix oopsies.

See that decorative mottling? I created the noise for that in planetGenesis. I coded some of that. Look at it! That’s me! In small part… I did add the particular fractal noise tool I used in this image, so hey. Me! :\

Why use that lovely Perlin Simplex fractal rather than the nice Clouds and Difference Clouds filter in Photoshop? The PS Clouds filter is 2-d, so it pinches horribly at the poles. Take a look at some orthographic views of the north and south pole made using Flexify.

North pole:

aaand south pole:

Also check out the size of the larger continent:

That’s almost hemispheric! Looks to be nearly the size of the Pacific ocean. I may need to take that into account in climate determination. I see some deserts forming just because of the great fetch distances.

Also, you know… notice the lack of pinching? Yeah!

So that’s where I am right now.

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