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For the most part my worlds don’t include magic. I’m a science fiction guy. I do play with psionics on occasion, because I think it can be cool. On the other hand, I sometimes have my moods. Occasionally, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Shtakamashkan World of the Skavoon

Introduction I have made some more progress on the Skavoon. I’m still working very much on the conceptual level here, but I’m nearing a level of detail where I should start getting technical. About the planet at least. My knowledge … Continue reading

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How to Make a Map Fit a Globe

Without pinching or weird discontinuities Today we shall look at the use of Adobe Photoshop with the Flaming Pear Flexify2 filter to fix up global maps so that they will properly fit to a globe. Although I recommend the use … Continue reading

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A Tiny Bit of Progress on the Skavoon

A little more progress. I got my 750 words in today. Only just. But in editing for publication this got condensed more than a little. I thought I had some pretty good ideas as to the odder themes of Skavoon … Continue reading

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More Notes on Early Skavoon History

Further cogitations in the development of my latest kitchen-sink constructed species. Continue reading

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Skavoon, The Squid People

The Skavoon, a race of vaguely squidlike obligatory pederasts on a cold antarctic world with some tropical bits here and there. Continue reading

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Building the writing muscles

Kind of apropos of nothing, but I’ve managed two days in a row of writing 750 words at So far it’s all dreck, and it’s not getting any of my real writing done, but I had it recommended to … Continue reading

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