Building the writing muscles

Kind of apropos of nothing, but I’ve managed two days in a row of writing 750 words at So far it’s all dreck, and it’s not getting any of my real writing done, but I had it recommended to me as a way to get into the habit of writing more.

As we can see from my performance lately, I’ve been having trouble sitting down to write. In future, on days when I get 750 word plus posts up here, I may just cut-and-paste them back to 750 words. That way the 3-page exercise won’t take so much away from my blog writing. On the other hand a lot of stuff I let fall out of my head onto 750 words isn’t very well suited for public consumption. I’ll try in the next few days to get a good post up, though weekends are difficult.

Thank you for your attention,

The Astrographer and writer wannabe.

Maybe I should add a writing category?

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