Skavoon Structure

The carinaformes, of which the Skavoon are a member, are a broad classification of pseudosquid characterized by a keel-like structure of hornified keratinaceous material similar to rigid matted fur which supports the other bodily structures. At the bottom of the keel is a set of flexible joints to which a set of horns or “legs” are joined, held in place by tendon-like structures of hair. These legs are very simple and lack muscular structures of their own, being moved about by action of the carinaforme‘s tentacles. Many carinaformes have tentacles permanently joined to the legs by matted hair. More primitive carinaformes can regenerate lost tentacles, but all of them can quickly grow new leg horns.

The Skavoon are part of a subclassification of carinaformes, called trochleabrachs, that grow similar jointed horns higher on the keel as cranes of a sort for lifting objects and have naked, hairless tentacles which are stored in pockets of hair for warmth and protection.

All carinaformes evolved from a furred, warm-blooded land-squid. More primitive forms of cold-blooded hairless pseudo-squids presumably crawled out of the seas at some time in the distant past.

Although, I have referred to the Skavoon as squid-people, theirs is a very old world and more time separates them from their squid-like aquatic ancestors than separates humans from the first lung-fish.

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