Determining Temperatures — first draft

Here’s a first draft of one chapter in my… forthcoming(?) webbook on physical worldbuilding. My full knowledge of cultural worldbuilding may be sufficient to fill an appendix. Perhaps. A very thin appendix…

This is very much a first draft. I’m still testing some of the routines in here and it shows. There is much work to be done both to make this chapter more complete and to clarify what I am doing or trying to do.

When it is complete, I will release it both as a pdf document, as you are seeing here, and as a Mathematica notebook. I also hope to release a Mathematica package and… possibly… C++ or Java code to aid in some steps of the process for the non-Mathematica-possessing among us. But for now, hopefully this draft will whet some appetites and convince folks that I am still working on this and I haven’t abandoned this here blog o’ mine 🙂 .


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