Some more links

This will be a pretty simple one, but useful. I just wanted to post some links.

  • The Padova Stellar Evolutionary Tracks and Isochrones page: This has a lot of interesting tables on the variation of luminosity and temperature of stars as they age(Especially useful are the tables under “Evolutionary tracks and isochrones for low- and intermediate-mass stars: from 0.15 to 7 Msun, and from Z=0.0004 to 0.03.” I use the Z=0.019 tracks and the Z=0.019 tracks without overshooting tracks frequently, as these are a pretty good analogue for the Sun.) As I understand these better I will extract a simpler synopsis of these tables. There is a lot of data here which, while very interesting, can only add confusion and delay to the worldbuilding process.
  • YZVAR: Another, more recent, set of tables for star data. These include variation in both metal content, z, and helium content, y, in the initial state of the star. The tr_z017y26.tgz file is closest to the Sun. Not that, for my purposes, I need the latest, most cutting edge data, but it does add more data points. And also… ain’t nothin’ wrong with keeping up with the dernier cri, is there?
  • An archived copy of The World Builder’s Cookbook: There’s a whole lot of fairly random constants and equations here. Good place to look if you intend a more hard-science approach to space travel, with things like relativistic acceleration equations. The Links page might still have something to offer, as well.
  • RealClimate has a page of actual climate data from our own humble planet. Good for sanity checking. Also, if you can get their GCM code running, tell me how you did it. Please!
  • Some formulae for figuring out insolation and radiation budgets for your planet. Also has a better, more general formula for figuring out declination than I had access to before.
  • Here is a specific and fairly spectacular world building project. Furaha. It’s creator Gert van Dijk also has a lot of more generally useful posts about the mechanics of walking and other such subjects that are of great service to the budding conbiologist out there.
  • The official website for Nemo Ramjet’s Snaiad project seems to have fallen off of the internet. There is a small wikia for it here, and Mr. Ramjet has a deviant art gallery with a lot of Snaiad biota here. I would really like to see more textual information on his project, but for the moment his excellent imagery will have to serve. If it ever comes back up the original URL for Snaiad was here.
  • Since we’re on Deviant Art pages, Abiogenesis has created some excellent and believable imagery of alien life. A couple of my favorite works are Alien Parenthood and The Kill.
  • For your conbiology needs(Kind of a ways off for me at the rate I’m going), I’d recommend the Speculative Biology Forum.
  • Important addition! At some point I really need to use the mouth structure of the Opabinia for something.
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