Linkfest Wednesdays

A new feature for this blog is Linkfest Wednesday. Every wednesday the editorial staff here at the Astrographer 😉 will search out the best worldbuilding-related sites on the net and put them up for you.

Vreleksá is a forum on conlanging with a bit of activity in conworlding as well. A good bit of crossover with the CWBB.

Conlanger BBS is a smaller forum roughly paralleling the ZBB. Sometimes interesting conworld discussions on ZBB kind of move over here and vice-versa. Generally conlangers are a pretty good source for other cultural tidbits.

Alternate History is a forum on the creation of alternate histories. This is a field that is often rich with ideas both for development of future histories and for creation of histories for alien or fantasy worlds. The real history gives us one sample to look at. Between these people and Harry Harrison we have oodles of possibilities. H.Beam Piper shows us the potential of rehashing historical events for science fiction stories. It adds a little fun to base a story on history that never happened.

The Astrogator’s Handbook by Michael McCollum and Jordan Hartnett describes the nearest 3500 stars to our Solar system within 150 light years. There is a free version available for download on the site with 300 stars within 50 light years of Sol.

Winchell Chung has the preeminent site on the creation of 3-D Starmaps. Go there or be… um, squerre(?).

Mr. Chung also runs the Atomic Rockets site. An excellent resource for really hard science-fiction space travel.

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