Linkfest February 9th

Here we have a whole collection of articles by Robert A. Freitas Jr. I selected them from Mr. Freitas site on the basis of their usefulness for creating alien lifeforms.

Alien Sex
Extraterrestrial Zoology, with lots of Wayne Barlowe drawings of hypothetical ET animals.

From the same source, we have a collection of articles on law and extraterrestrial life.

The Legal Rights of Extraterrestrials
Metalaw and Interstellar Relations
Crimes, Crazies and Creole Cookery might be appropriate here.
He also gave a link to a blog post on Metalaw and Thermoethics that’s worth a look.
Here’s another post from the preceding blog giving A Brief Introduction to Metalaw

Sex in Space ’cause I’m sure somebody’s looking for this.

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