Wednesday Links – A Month and a Day Late

Welcome back to Wednesday Links. Yeah it’s thursday and I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Well here’s what I’ve been wading through for the past few weeks. Still wading through a lot of it… Comprehension. That’s what I’m tryin’ for.

A Universal Stellar Initial Mass Function? A Critical Look at Variations

The Initial Mass Function as given by the fragmentation

The Initial Mass Function of Stars

The Stellar Initial Mass Function in 2007: A Year for Discovering Variations

Extragalactic Constraints on the Initial Mass Function

Looking for Systematic Variations in the Stellar Initial Mass Function

The Mass Distribution of Stars and the Weibull Statistical Function

As you can see, I found a lot of stuff on the mass function of stars while I was researching number density of stars. This isn’t even the stuff I uploaded without taking note of where I found it. I’ve done little more than scan over most of this. I still have a lot of enjoyable reading ahead of me.

In addition, for the really ambitious here is my arxiv search that I used to find most of this. Here is another list of papers on the initial mass function posted by Yale astronomy professor Richard B. Larson.

This should enough material to get you all caught up when I do my article on determination of starmasses for imaginary systems.

Being a little punch drunk with all of the “mass function” articles, I think I may play around with terrain modelling and mapping for awhile.

Thank you for your attention,

The Astrographer

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