And Now For Something Completely Different

This has nothing to do with worldbuilding, but it was damned impressive anyway.

Last night I saw some video of an Airbus A380 beating up on a little Bombardier CRJ700 commuter jet. The little plane looked like Dad tripped over one of the kids toys.

Looks fake doesn’t it?

Here’s another view of the scale of this monster.

To give a more quantitative sense of the difference in scale here, the fan diameter on one of the A380’s engines is at least 2.94 meters. The maximum diameter of the CRJ700’s fuselage is 2.7 meters. You could literally feed the fuselage of the smaller plane down the throat of the A380’s engine. Not that that wouldn’t cause the bigger plane a bit of indigestion. I doubt if an A380 could suck up more than a few feet of a CRJ700’s nose before the engine seized up. Probably in a fairly explosive manner.

Once upon a time someone tested jet engines by tossing frozen turkeys down the intake. They should try cows or elephants or small aircraft with this one…

Day-amn, that’s some scary… er… stuff!

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