Painful Backpedalling and Backfill

Starting right after I published Cultures of the Okulso Valley – Part One I started work on a part two. In the fortnight since things in Chez Astrographer have gotten interesting. Among other things I’ve gotten a job offer in a new city. Soon the Astrographer may be working as a low-level Geographer. ¡Woo-hoo!

Less excitingly, I also have limited-time use of Lightwave. For the premiere 3d modeling app, I’m less than impressed by it so far. Between Blender and Wings 3D, I can do most of what I can in Lightwave with less misery. Has Blender fixed its terrible boolean function? Lightwave doesn’t produce the kind of weird stray polys that Blender does, but it doesn’t properly tie down the existing polys. Maybe I’ll stick to Bryce for booleans… How weird is that…?!?

One thing I put together on the 3d modelling front was a rocket engine model based more or less on the SSME. The nozzle is pretty good if a bit thick-walled, but the combustion chamber is total bollux. It should look good on the tail of my old winged lander, though.

Some work left to be done...

In spite of the local action I’ve been nagged by the need to keep going on my little worldbuilding project and, not incidentally, keep this little blog afloat. With that in mind I took a look back at the first draft of  Cultures of the Okulso Valley – Part Two… Oh dear. The thing read less like a description of alien societies than like  travelogue through the mind of madness! It was a disorganized, rambling tromp through a confusing and inconsistent history of half of Shtakamashkan. It was, in a word, awful.

On the one hand, this stuff was too terrible for public consumption, on the other hand there were a lot of good little tidbits in this stream-of-conciousness word-soup mess that I didn’t want to trash. At the very least I had added some names to the map and a lot of seeds for intercultural conflict. This little disaster was a gold mine of ideas if I could just get it together and make it into a consistent whole rather than a mess.

This is going to take yet more time, but I do have a map update for my trouble.

The last two weeks weren't completely devoid of results. This shows the present heartlands of, probably 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the major cultures on Shtakamashkan.

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