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Matlab, Octave and Climate Simulation

Whilst looking about for a simple Mathematica climate simulation, I ran across some .m files dedicated to just that purpose. As I recognized .m as the extension for a Mathematica package, I snapped ’em up and tried installing them. Total, … Continue reading

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Linkfest Wednesdays: November 16th

Gotta have the linkfests! Due to a number of things I’ve been confused and uncertain of late, my research has gone in a lot of strange and disparate directions. My discovery of, “Stability of Satellites Around Close-in Extrasolar Planets”, had obvious … Continue reading

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Developing a Workflow – Part IV B: Other Worlds

I’m eager to get to mapping Yaccatrice, so I’m kind of skimming over this step. The Yaccatrene people are pretty well planet-bound, so I’m keeping things pretty simple with respect to the other planets in the system. I used the … Continue reading

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Errors and Exospheres

First off, sorry about the delay. Looking back over part IV of my Yaccatrice workflow, I realized I screwed up almost every calculation I made. Trouble is, every time I try to recalculate things seem to come up different, so … Continue reading

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