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Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. So, as a birthday gift, I’m going to give myself a better blog. Or try to. As a New Year’s resolution, “I’m going to write better blogs and post them more … Continue reading

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Developing a Workflow – Part V A: Terrain Building(finding the seas)

So now we are on to Part V in the outline I’d given at the start of this little series. Although in the outline this stage is referred to as, “mapping,” I think, “terrain building,” is more accurate. The opportunities … Continue reading

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Updating the Look

I just updated to the 2011 layout(not bad for late december). I thought I’d check out the Ephemera sidebar. Can’t say as I’m fond of the default font. The layout options were a real improvement, but I could hardly read the … Continue reading

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Developing a Workflow – Interlude: Biology

Looking over my planned workflow, I saw a major hole in the worldbuilding. Biology. I know I already handled biology in the very sketchy sense of saying that Terran and Yaccatrene organisms were capable of feeding on each other, but … Continue reading

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Linkfest Wednesday: December 14th

Once again I’ve been doing more research than actual creative work. Don’t tell the boss. As usual, Cornell’s site dominated my research. Also, as usual, the scattered nature of my research mirrors the scattered nature of my brain. So … Continue reading

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Developing a Workflow – Interlude: Calendar

While my plan was to go on to section V on the creation of a map for Yaccatrice, the process I intended to use was slow and didn’t give me the results I desired. Also, somewhere along the way I … Continue reading

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