Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. So, as a birthday gift, I’m going to give myself a better blog. Or try to. As a New Year’s resolution, “I’m going to write better blogs and post them more reliably.”

My wife has told me that my posts have been getting too wordy of late. She says that may be losing me some of my readership.

I’d like to avoid boring my readers and potential readers to tears, so I will try to reduce my wordiness a bit in the future. This imposes a bit of a complication for me. A lot of what I am playing with here is still a bit hazy to me in places, which makes it hard to describe things succinctly. Some of what I’m trying to talk about is inherently complicated and I’m oversimplifying as it is. To some degree, I feel a touch of complexity adds interest. These are supposed to be worlds after all.

In any case, I’ll try to intersperse the occasionally light and airy short piece in with the ponderous technical slogs you’ve come to expect from me.

That’s not to say I intend to reduce the level of technical complexity of my subject matter. To the contrary, looking back over my last few posts, I really haven’t been adding enough to what I have already said. Instead of going over every boring detail, I’ll try to cut to the chase. By trimming out the blow-by-blow tutorial-style procedures I hope not only to get more quickly to the interesting bits but also to speed my writing which has been scarily slow of late.

Clearly my workflow on Yaccatrice has bogged down in a terrible way. I’ve spent so much time trying to document the minutiae of dealing with numbers and mapping tools that I’ve kind of lost track of the story of this world. I am, therefore going to put the workflow of Yaccatrice on hiatus for awhile. I will post more of my results as I go along, especially as it gets interesting. If you’re just dying to see how I created my maps then I already have plenty of posts on building terrains.

I’m still kind of trying to get this site back up and running. I’m hoping after a few false starts I am finally going to get this thing running sustainably.

That’s one of my goals for 2012, anyway. To accomplish that goal, I really need to put more thought into just what I want this blog to do.

For everyone who has supported me on this blog for the last year and a half or for whatever part of that time: thank you for bearing with me. For those of you with an interest in world-building who just stumbled upon this site, hang out a bit… It’s going to get better.

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