Writer’s Assets

This post is a collection of links to articles and other online assets that I have found(and might want to be able to find again) on the craft of writing. This isn’t so much for my readers, if there are any, as for my own reference. Still these articles might be as useful to others as they are for me.

As time goes by, I may add additional articles to this post as I find them.

Really, Your Outline Does Not Have to Be Perfect: A nice article by Mary Robinette Kowal on the use of outlines.

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day: Rachel Aaron explains her use of Knowledge, Time and Enthusiasm to increase her writing productivity. In terms of her use of knowledge, this ties back to the previous link: Don’t only outline the broad plot of your story, but start your writing session by outlining the scene your going to start working on. Wheels within wheels…

An Infinite Supply of Writing Prompts: Luc Reid method for generating and using writing promts from Google and Wikipedia that I’m going to have to play with soon.

Building Secondary Worlds: I’m not quite sure what Mark Charan Newton means by secondary worlds, but it’s a nice little article with bits on world building and the use and usefulness of writing aids(note to self: get Scrivener if you ever have any money).

Ten Terrific Resources for Writing Space-Based Hard Science Fiction: Mike Brotherton offers some very useful things here. I’m not sure how hard my science fiction will ever be, but I’m trying… In addition I’ve found the forums at NASA Spaceflight to be very helpful for near term… well space flight information.

How to be a Writer and Have a Life: or, Livin’ the Dream: More stuff on the art of actually sitting down and writing, this time by Kelly Swails.

Random Name Generators and Lists: It is impossible to have too many of these.

Well that’s just SFWA. Later…

The Astrographer

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