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Abandon in Place

According to NBC news, “Neil Young, the first man to walk on the moon, died Saturday…” Accuracy of the news notwithstanding, if ghost Saturn Vs start flying out of Canaveral, I’m catching a train to Florida. In case that doesn’t … Continue reading

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This is just a quick post to see if I’ve fixed Facebook.

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Landforms With Wilbur: Introduction

In this article on the ME-DEM site, Using Wilbur With ME-DEM Part 1(sadly there doesn’t appear to be a Part 2), the author, Carl Lingard(also known as “monks”), describes the use of the Tesselation Tool in Wilbur for terrain modelling. … Continue reading

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Gas Giants!

I’m currently working on a series of tutorials on the use of Wilbur. It isn’t going all that quickly. In the meantime, I thought I’d put up a post with some information on gas giant planets.

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The Salvage Army

This is kind of a quicky idea I got while reading Waste and Want by Susan Strasser(Amazon link) with my wife. The book is essentially a history of trash, but what I’d like to talk about here is a short … Continue reading

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