Astrographer’s Notebook – Solar Union Timeline

This is a timeline I created, presumably sometime in late 2001 or 2002, covering the history of my Solar Union/Malthusian Empire setting. Most of it has been altered since, but a lot of the elements are likely to remain in some form. Some parts of the timeline will likely stretch in time while others contract. I’m finding this a bit too optimistic about short term progress and I think longer term progress should go more quickly. I’ll likely delay some things like energy shields or use of exotic matter. The Solar Union, however much I like the name, probably won’t be happening. At least for a long while. There are some cryptic notations I left in here not all of which do I still understand, unfortunately. The reference in 2488 to, “The Road,” refers to the title of a story I was working on at the time.

There are parts of this that embarrass me a bit: my early obsession with big American skyscrapers is a glaring example. These bits will largely go away, unless I have a damn good story idea to use them. They will likely be replaced by more recent unhealthy obsessions of mine like launch vehicles, heavy lift and otherwise.

My goal for my next version of future history is for the science fiction to be hard enough to support my own willing suspension of disbelief, soft enough to support faster-than-light travel and other popular science fictional tropes like psionics and maybe time travel. All in a more or less self-consistent package.

Without further ado, I present:
A Timeline of The Solar Union

1494 The Juvakar Dominate invades the planet that will later be known as Thor.  The Thorans are enslaved.  The Thorans refer to this as the beginning of the Juvakar Captivity.  The Juvakar name their new planet Sakavas.

2001 September 11 The World Trade Center in New York is destroyed in a terrorist attack.

2008 Construction work begins on the New World Trade Center on the site of the old.  The 132 story tower will be the tallest building in the world at 500 meters(1,640 feet) in height.

2019 After several delays, the New World Trade Center is finally opened.  It will remain the tallest building on Earth until 2034 with the construction of the 200 story Sky Blade in Arizona.

2020 Olivia Roland developer of the Warp Drive is born.

2034 The Sky Blade is built on the Sonora Desert in Arizona. At 600 meters(1,969 feet) tall, the 200 story building is both the tallest building and the largest arcology on Earth.  It is a self sufficient city able to house 1 million people.

2048 Doctor Olivia Roland solves the complex Zero Point Energy Equations for the inflationary space warp effect.

2051 The Arcata Institute For Mental Discipline is founded by a group of people, widely regarded as flakes, who seek to study powers of the mind.  It is the last remaining facility of parapsychological research.  There is a great deal of prejudice against the institute.

2053 The first successful demonstration of the Alcubierre/Krasnikov/Roland(AKR)Warp Effect Drive.  The vessel was 6,000 m.t. in mass with 5,360m.t. devoted to its primitive graphite-membrane Casimir-Matrix.  Most of the rest of the ship’s mass was taken up by a giant fusion plant required to power the inefficient drive.  Only 80 kg was available control, tracking and the myriad telemetric recording gear required to monitor the experiment.  The ship attained an average speed of 1.2c over 30 seconds before the primitive Casimir-Matrix collapsed.

2058 Fabrication Arts Corporation, an important manufacturer of autofacs and other large industrial tools, is founded.

2062 USS Bonaventure, the first FTL starship, is launched.  It masses 12,000 m.t. with an 1,800 m.t. hexatic quartz matrix capable of propelling her at 3pc/month.  It is 120 meters(394 feet) long.  This ship is instrumental in the exploration and early colonization of Alpha Centauri and also explores several other near-Sol systems.

2067 USCS Connestoga is launched.  The Connestoga was 206 meters(675 feet)long and massed 28,000 m.t.  It was capable of carrying 600 colonists and their supplies to Alpha Centauri at a speed of 1pc/month.  This ship and others of her class will be workhorses of the colonization efforts to Centaurus, Prometheus and, after propulsion upgrades in 2084 Cetus and Silverskies/Tien Lung.

2068 The first colony is planted on Centaurus, a habitable planet orbiting Alpha CentauriB.  Research begins on terraforming Prometheus a biocompatible planet orbiting Alpha CentauriA.

2074 USS Bonaventure lost on an exploratory mission to Tau Ceti.

2087 July 8 The Solar Union is founded, Consisting of all the nations of Earth(except China, the Islamic Brotherhood, and Switzerland), Luna, Mars, the Belt Colonies, and the colony on Alpha Centauri.

2088 The UNSS Daedalus, the first Union Star Ship.  19,500 metric tons in mass and 150 meters(492 feet)long.  Capable of a sustained speed of 8 days/pc.

2093 CAMDatSys is founded on Earth by a team of industrial and software engineers.  They will later grow to be a major supplier of software and design plans for autofacs and minifacs.

2095 China and the Islamic Brotherhood set up colonies on Prometheus with the intent of terraforming the planet.  Within a year the Solar Union also sets up a colony, called Niobe on a different continent.

2098 Earth algae is highly succesful on Prometheus and quickly covers large portions of the ocean.  Lichen is beginning to spread widely on the continent where the Solar Union set up its colony, but is not so successful on the Sino-Islamic continent.  The Chinese and Moslems accuse the Union of sabotage.

2104 The Promethean War.  After two years of bad harvests, the Islamic colony discovers growths of mutated mildew in their greenhouses. After an investigation of their own greenhouses the Chinese claim to discover the same mildew damaged their own crops.  They declare war on the Solar Union claiming an attempt to destroy their colonies.  The war is mostly limited to Prometheus itself until a nuclear bomb is set off in Tel Aviv.  The Chinese ask for talks with the Solar Union.  China declares peace in exchange for help with their colony on Prometheus.  The Islamic Brotherhood is given a choice of surrender or retaliatory destruction of several of their population centers.  Although the Brotherhood surrenders they do not join the Solar Union and remain a hotbed of terrorism for decades.

2105 Ecological Assessment teams sent to aid the Chinese terraforming effort find no sign of mildew in their greenhouses.  The ex-Brotherhood greenhouses are seriously blighted and need to be completely shut down for disinfection.  Although the Brotherhood on Earth has a major terrorism problem the Islamic colonists are very cooperative with the Union, but they seem to greatly resent the Chinese.  The resentment is only made worse when they learn of the lack of contamination in the Chinese greenhouses.  “The Chinese claimed they had no extra food to help us because they had the same problem,” said Abdullah Al-Rashid, governor of the Brotherhood colony known as Khurasan, “Now we learn they were lying about that.  What else were they lying about?”

2108 The Chinese shut their borders to foreign travel, trade and communications. The Solar Union Ecological teams are removed from Chinese territory on Prometheus.  There is still some commerce and travel allowed to the free-trade cities on Taiwan, but even that is restricted.  A North American columnist refers to this as the Silk Curtain.

2112 The terraforming efforts at Niobe and Khurasan are highly successful with open air farming and Earthlike forests on both continents.  Oxygen levels on Prometheus are high enough to allow the introduction of some small animals. The Chinese effort seems even more successful.  Satellite observation of Xi’an, the Chinese colony on Prometheus, seems to show Chinese walking in the open air without masks, something still not possible for the Moslem and Union colonists.  “It isn’t possible for the oxygen concentration to be higher there. So we assume they have done some sort of genetic or bionic modifications to their people.  A distinctly horrible idea,”  said Samir ben-Hadad, leader of Khurasan’s Terraforming team, “But I wouldn’t put it past the damned Chinks.”

2115 The Solar Union sets up a colony on Cetus one of two habitable planets orbiting Tau Ceti.  Amber, a marginal planet in the system is set aside for future exploitation by the Cetans.

2117 A Chinese colony is set up on Tien Lung a marginal world orbiting Barnard’s Star.

2118 Further expansion by SU

2120 Silverskies a new Solar Union colony is established on Tien Lung.

2132 The first private colony is founded by Servicorp on a planet orbiting 85 Pegasi.  They refer to the planet as 85 Pegasi III.  It later comes to be known as Pegasus.

2136  Humans encounter their first extraterrestrial sapient race, the neolithic Hlothuchukri of Vlandrezu(BD+56 2966 II).

2142 A Social Utopian colony is set up on Durandal by a group hoping to create a just and democratic meritocracy.

2143 Kai Moreno is elected as the first Grandmaster of Durandal.  He sets forth a policy to make Durandal self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

2154 After a great deal of rioting an vandalism against their facilites in Arcata,the leadership of the Arcata Institute For Mental Discipline decide that no place in the Solar Union will be ameneable to psionic research. They set in motion secret plans to relocate as far from Earth as possible.

2157 A Solar Union scouting expedition to Wolf 318, 51.86 light years from Sol, encounters a scoutship of the Fruzanni.  The Fruzanni have had contact with many intelligent races in the local region of the galaxy but are aware of none who possess any form of FTL drive.  Other than the lack of warp drive Fruzanni technology is about as advanced as that of humans and more sophisticated in some areas.

2158 The Arcata Institute For Mental Discipline sells all of their non-portable assets in order to buy a surplus colony ship and the necessary supplies to set up a successful colony.  The entire faculty and staff and many students along with as many of their dependents as choose to join are frozen in suspension chambers for the long trip ahead.  They take with them all of their research notes and plans for their psychotronic equipment.

2160 The Solar Union agrees to sell the warp drive to the Fruzanni in exchange for a number of their more advanced technologies as well as enough money to buy several planets. In exchange, the Fruzanni agree not to disseminate the knowledge further.

2161 The Arcata Institute for Mental Discipline successfully relocates its people and facilities to a planet orbiting Aitken 16095, 1100 light years from Sol.  They name the world Arcadia.

2162 The Fruzanni lead the scoutship UNSS Marco Polo to a world of the pNu, the oldest and most technologically advanced race they know to exist.  The pNu buy the technology for warp drive from the humans, again with the agreement not to provide the information to anyone else.  In exchange Earth gains significant advances in material science, including hexatic carbon which allows them to build far superior ships for much less expense, and other technologies along with 5 million pNu Ducats a very significant amount of wealth.

2165 Humans build first functional reactionless thruster based on pNu designs.

2166 Jamison Minh Gadwah is born in Khurasan, on Prometheus.

2168-2176 The Chinese War.

2168 Chinese forces invade Khurasan and Niobe on Prometheus and Silverskies on Tien Lung.  A massive missile launch by the Chinese is intercepted by Union orbital defences, but proves to be only a ruse to divert attention as Chinese orbital weapons attack Union defsats.  After a three day battle orbital defences and many civilian satellites including manned stations are destroyed on both sides.  Neither side can launch a nuclear attack on the other without fear of a totally destructive reprisal. Conventional forces fight in Siberia, Tibet, India and Japan.

2168 Naval battles around Alpha Centauri and Barnard’s Star are devastating to both sides, but generally turn into a war of attrition which favors the Union forces.

2168 First contact is made with a world of the Ob on Krishlanka.  It later becomes apparent that although the Ob presently have no interstellar travel, they are scattered widely about this part of the galaxy.

2169 The Chinese reveal their secret weapon on Prometheus. Advanced genetic engineering has allowed them to create humans capable of breathing the atmosphere unaided. They also have genetically engineered soldiers who are faster, and more vicious than their unaltered opponents. Also Chinese microbiology has not lagged. Khurasan Mildew and Niobe Leaf Rot begin to destroy crops at Union farms. Starvation is a very real fear as is disease. Although Union space superiority prevents out-planet support of the Chinese on Prometheus, the Chinese prove to have the advantage over Union forces on the planet and make rapid advances.

2169 The Islamic Brotherhood, influenced by Muslims from Khurasan, sides with the Solar Union in the Chinese War.

2169 China sets up a colony on Vangard at the Outer-Rim of Union space.  This colony will provide a base for commerce raiding in the future.

2170 The winter dawns badly for the Union. In February Khurasan falls to the Chinese giving them complete control of that continent, while the Chinese gain significant beachheads in Niobe.  The Chinese provide medicine and pesticides to counteract their biowarfare agents in Khurasan, but do not provide vaccinations to the conquered people.  On Earth Chinese forces invade Alaska and Australia, but Union naval forces help to beat them back with massive tactical orbital strikes, all non-nuclear. Powerful Chinese ground-based laser batteries and ASAT launches prevent the Union from setting up an effective anti-missile defense or using ortillery against targets in Asia.

2170 A Solar Union scouting expedition discovers the Chinese colony on Vangard.  One ship escapes to report the sighting.

2170 By fall the first victims of Hong Kong Hemhorragic Fever and Taiwanese Encephalitis begin to appear in North American and European cities.  Moscow falls to the Chinese but an overextended supply line and Union orbital strikes force their retreat after a month. Chinese forces follow a scorched-earth policy the Mongols would have admired. Killing large numbers of citizens as they retreat.

2171 Grossly outnumbered, Chinese naval forces resort to guerilla warfare.  Hit-and-run strikes keep the Union fleet off-balance, while vicious commerce raiding devastates the Union economy.  Chinese outsystem colonies were built to be far more self-sufficient than those of the more expansion-minded Solar Union, and don’t suffer so much from lost contact.

2171 The pNu develop Contraterrene, a crystalline matrix with antimatter suspended in microscopic voids by the diamagnetic force of the surrounding atoms.  There are 4 grams of antimatter for every kilogram of CT4.  The pNu decline to sell CT4 to humans until the war is over because they don’t know whether the Chinese or the Union are the legitimate government.

2172 The war settles into a long bloody war of attrition.  Chinese Flu, while not lethal, reduces the efficiency of Union workers, both in the military and in the factories.  Grain Blight begins to destroy North American and Ukranian crops.  For the first time in over a century starvation is a very real fear on Earth. With a powerful surprise assault on Niobe the Chinese conquer Prometheus.  The Chinese begin to provide medicine to Niobe as they did for Khurasan.

2172 A Union task force destroys the Chinese naval base on Vangard. Invasion of the surface is saved for later by the overextended Union fleet.

2173 Improved orbital defences allow Union forces to retake India and most of Siberia.  Solar Marines land in scattered strategic locations all about Prometheus.  Although most of them know themselves to be on suicide missions their deaths will not be in vain as Army units take numerous planetheads in Niobe.  The Terran Institute of Health develops a vaccine against Taiwanese Encephalitis which has already killed hundreds of thousands. Work continues on Hong Kong Hemorragic Fever and the Chinese Flu.

2173 The Chinese develop an energy shield, based on the AKR Warp Effect.  The shield is installed on several blockade runners which are sent out to give the blueprints to Chinese forces on Tien Lung and Prometheus as well as to naval units scattered in secret asteroidal bases all about Solar Union space.  The Union captures several nearly intact examples but no blueprints.

2174 Armed with the new energy shield the Chinese Navy finds the situation more favorable.  Chinese naval units attack in mass at Barnard’s Star helping Chinese forces on Tien Lung to conquer Silverskies.  Shielded Chinese ships beat back Union fleets at Alpha Centauri, bombard Centaurus and aid Chinese forces on Prometheus against the Union Army.  The Union manages to maintain a planethead in Niobe but is greatly overextended and under-supplied.  The Chinese succeed in temporarily driving the Union fleet away from Earth long enough to destroy orbital defences and bombard some Union cities and industrial centers.  Ground-based defences drive the Chinese space forces off and the Solar fleet returns.

2175 The Union manages to replicate Chinese energy shield technology.  Large and powerful units are installed to protect cities on Earth from nuclear attack.  Then defsats are equipped with energy screens finally allowing the Union to set up orbital defences over Asia.  The Chinese attempt to invade Freihaven a Union world orbitting BD+10  1756.  They are surprised by shield-equipped Union ships, and quickly beaten back.  Shield-equipped Solar Union forces on Prometheus make rapid advances with the aid of frequent orbital strikes and supply drops.

2176 On Earth Solar Union forces enter Japan and Tibet.  Silverskies, on Tien Lung, and Niobe, on Prometheus, are retaken by Union armies.  An invasion is mounted on Tien Lung and Khurasan.  After two months Khurasan is retaken and an invasion force moves on Xi’an.  When the Chinese, who were never able to overcome problems with establishing shielding in an atmosphere, realize that Union cities are protected by energy shields they sue for peace in fear that the Union might resort to the use of nuclear weapons.  The Union agrees, on the requirement that the Chinese join the Solar Union and provide vaccines and pesticides for use against their biowarfare agents. The Chinese agree.

2176 The Union sells the energy shield to the Fruzanni.  The pNu offer humans CT4 in exchange for the energy shield and 2 million pNu Ducats.  The Union agrees.

2177 The Solar Union sends 10,000 North American colonists to the ex-Chinese colony on Vangard.  The Chinese population is quickly subsumed although there remains a thriving Chinatown in Tavares Prime, the spaceport city.

2179 The Islamic Brotherhood voluntarily joins the Solar Union.

2180 Four years after the war China and Xi’an are well on the way to being integrated into Union society.  Tien Lung remains restive and defiant.

2187 Jamison Minh Gadwah claims to have had a religious epiphany.

2189 Artabanes, in the Herculean Frontier, is colonized.

2195 Jamison Gadwah marries Stephanie Aleen Casello, whom he meets while preaching on Centaurus.

2196 Jacques Gadwah is born on Earth.

2204 Miguelito Lascaro opens a small industrial plant on Artabanes.  Only a pair of Mitsubishi autofacs and about fifty workers, it will later grow to be one of the most influential megacorps in the Herculean Frontier sector.

2215 Jamison Gadwah, known to his followers as the “New Muhammad,” gathers his people and takes them to a planet orbitting Rho Coronae Borealis.  Jacques rebels against his father and remained on Earth with his sisters Nina and Marlene.  Parker and Anastasia follow their father to the world he names New Eden.

2217 CT7 is developed on Earth.  The pNu are already working on CT12.

2227 The Tien Lung Rebellion an eight-week long period of rioting and violent resistance to Union authorities. 62 people are killed and hundreds injured.

2228 The Solar Union creates the Tien Lung Semi-autonomous Region ameliorating Chinese anger.

2230 Psionics is recognized as a legitimate science on Earth.  Jacques and Marlene Gadwah organize the Anti-Edenists a minor political faction in the Solar Union.

2234 Amber is colonized by Cetus.

2236 The first Tangent aircar, a cheap knock-off of the Fairbairn Shrike, comes off the Lascaro Automotive lines on Artabanes.

2240 Nina Gadwah founds the Psionic Institute.

2268 Jamison Minh Gadwah dies and is succeeded by his son Parker as the religious dictator of New Eden.  Parker’s first command is to dedicate his people to the colonisation of habitable worlds in nearby systems.

2281 Joshua Danton founds the anti-psionic sect that will later be known as Maniké.

2283 Dalriada is colonized.

2284 Lascaro ceases manufacture of the Tangent and devotes their production to industrial tooling and CAMData design.  Lascaro changes their name to Lascaro Multifac.

2288 Edenists begin to colonize New Jerusalem.  Thus beginning an Edenist theocratic empire.

2296 Humans make first contact with the Juvakar of Vakujas.

2300 The first Terra Cup starship race is run.  The Solar Blaze, a ship with a CT9 powerplant and a large hexatic carbon matrix, wins the race.

2306 A human colonisation company buys Sakavas from the Juvakar.  They rename the planet Thor.

2308 A human colony is planted on Thor.  They do not know of the existence of the Thorans.

2310 The pNu unter a ship in the second Terra Cup.  A destroyer-sized vessel, its entire hull is a hexatic carbon matrix and it is equipped with a pNu CT30 powerplant.  It leaves the other ships in the stardust, easily winning the race.

2312 A research station on Tien Lung develops CT25.

2316 pNu develop a hexatic ß-carbon nitride matrix.

2320 The pNu entry in the Terra Cup is smaller than their previous entry due to new rules limiting ship size.  Its hull is composed entirely of hexatic ß-carbon nitride with the same CT30 powerplant as their last design.  Unfortunately ß-carbon nitride does not prove to be as effective as hexatic carbon at high speed and her performance is disappointing.  The Centauri Flash, a human vessel with a hexatic carbon sheathed hull, a giant hexatic carbon matrix and a human-built CT25 powerplant, wins the race.

2323 Humans learn that the Juvakar have enslaved the people of the planet known as Thor.  War is soon declared.

2324 The Slaver War between the Solar Union and the Juvakar Dominate ends in victory for the Union and freedom for the Thorans.

2364 The first independent human governments begin to arise as the Solar Union begins to turn its interests inward.

2387 Zendoria colony founded on Sadwillow.eeeeeeeee

2389 Vangard creates the Vangard Republic.

2394 Edenists found their fifth colony on a world they name Far Zion.  The planet is already inhabited by an independent group of colonists calling the planet Dalriada.  A cold war erupts from tensions between the Edenists and the Dalriadans.

2405 Nishapur colonized.

2431 Mecklenoria on Sadwillow is colonized by Terran and Martian industrial interests after the discovery of tantalum in the Mecklenite Mountains.eeeeeeeee

2452 Mecklenoria is abandoned by its corporate interests.eeeeeeeee

2480 The pNu win the Terra Cup race with a corvette-sized hexatic-matrix-hulled, CT40-powered speed machine.

2482 After a coup by reactionary elements on Vangard, the Vangard Republic begins to expand into space by force.  Acts of piracy on neighboring systems are common as the new order tries to bolster Vangard’s flagging economy.  The Solar Union sends fleet units to contain Vangard.

2483 Executor Hlrong buys the pNu entry in the 2310 Terra Cup.  He adds weapons and names it Swift Justice.

2484 7 March The Draconian Revolt begins with a highly successful surprise attack on the SU Fleetyards at Chi Draconis, capturing nearly a third of the Solar Union’s active fleet.

2484 June The Solar Union makes peace with the Vangard Republic.  Fleet units that had been devoted to antipiracy work on the Vangard Frontier are withdrawn to fight the Draconians.  The Solar Union essentially abandons the frontiers altogether.

2485 16 February Taking advantage of the Solar Union’s distracted state following the Battle of Chi Draconis, Far Zion launches an attack on Dalriada with aid from New Eden, New Jerusalem and High Mecca.  Dalriada is quickly brought down.

2485 Edenist Proselytes set about converting the Dalriadans to their religion using telepathic coercion and neurological modification.

2486 Refugees from Dalriada arrive in the Central Worlds.  Their stories arouse widespread horror and indignation, but no significant action is taken.  The Solar Union and Draconian League expel Edenist diplomats and cut-off diplomatic relations.  The Draconian League invites the Dalriadan refugees to take sanctuary on one of their outer worlds, but they decline the offer.

2487 New Dalriada is founded as a Solar Union world.  The New Dalriadans are violently fanatical in their opposition to the Edenists.

2488 The First Draconian Constitutional Convention results in a temporary compromise document that leaves nobody satisfied.

2488 “The Road”

2489 Nishapur loses contact with Solar Union.

2489 Ariontos colony is planted on Sadwillow by wealthy industrialists fleeing the Draconian Revolt.eeeeeeeee

2491 Followers of Joshua Danton set up a Utopian colony on Galatea in the Draconian League.

2492 Commodore Milton’s Rebellion as the commander of the DLS L’Indiscret attempts to seize control of Mu Herculis as an independent system for the System State faction.  He is overcome by a Loyalist Draconian fleet.

2498 Malthus Dunnigan elected Grandmaster of Durandal.

2500 Nishapur technology and economy completely collapses.

2502 The Draconian Revolt ends as a fatigued and wounded Solar Union recognizes Draconian independence.

2508 Malthus Dunnigan meets with the leaders of six other systems in order to organize resistance to the Vanguard Republic’s rapacious expansion.  The meeting on New Zurich results in the Durandal Alliance.

2514 The Second Draconian Constitutional Convention ends in discord as numerous small, mutually-incompatible factions drag the worlds in different political directions.

2516 After the Third Constitutional Convention breaks up without an agreement, the Draconian League fragments into the Ross-Wolf League, the Draconian Alliance and a number of independent planetary republics. The Solar Union is too weak to take advantage.

2526 Alliyana Dunnigan elected Director of Durandal Alliance after her father’s assassination.  Master Antonin Lobov, an old opponent of Malthus Dunnigan is elected Grandmaster.  DA consists of 30 worlds aligned against the Vangard Republic.

2540 Ganelon colonized by Celosia, a world in the Vangard Republic.

2543 The Solar Union collapses from internal bickering and bureaucratic inertia. Earth and Luna try to reorganize as the Alliance of Nations.

2545 In spite of the objections by archeologists and outworld diplomats, Edenist forces on High Mecca destroy the Great Frustum, an ancient Precursor artifact, claiming it is an infidel religious icon.  Archeologists are ordered off of all Edenist worlds.

2546 2 November After Master Lobov’s mysterious death, Alliyana is elected Grandmaster.

2551 Alliyana I is declared empress of the Malthusian Empire.

2557 3 June 16 Aid workers on Great Conclave, an Edenist world, are arrested as illegal proselytes.  The government presents as evidence a Green Torah translated into Shantak, the Edenist language.  Members of the Shintojudaic sect, two of them are from Gethsemane in the Malthusian Empire. The rest are natives.

2557 7 June Religious Police on Great Conclave question other aid groups about their knowledge of Shintojudaic proselytization.  They accuse an Alliance of Nations aid group of providing food and sympathy to the accused.

2557 24 July Malthusian diplomats arrive on Great Conclave.  They are allowed to speak to government officials, but are denied access to the prisoners.

2557 9 August Great Conclave sentences the  foreign Shintojudaic prisoners to 20 standard-years imprisonment followed by deportation. The native prisoners are executed.

2557 7 September Empress Alliyana I breaks off diplomatic relations with the Edenist Theocracy.  Military forces are put on alert but actual warfare is averted as the Malthusian Empire is still most focussed on prosecuting a war against the Vangard Republic.  Both sides are involved in covert actions and proxy wars against the other.

2565 Malthusian Empire takes Ganelon.

2578 The Alliance of Nations fails and Earth is balkanized into a handful of competing petty states.  Technology slips and the standard of living is dismal on Earth.

2593 The warp drive is sold to the Ob with the usual anti-dissemination agreement.

2608 League of Principalities is created from 3 kingdoms on Nishapur.

2610 Alliyana dies and is succeeded by Marcus I.

2618-2621  A proxy war between Edenist and Imperial factions on Arbela explodes into a more general war between the two great powers.  Malthusian forces are withdrawn from the Vangard front to fight the Edenists.  The war proves disappointingly undecisive for both parties.  Both of the major factions on Arbela are devastated,  and they join in common cause against the outworld forces, driving both the Empire and the Edenists off their world.  Arbela remains antagonistically isolationist after the war.

2621 The Arbela War serves to increase the influence of Maniké over the Malthusian Empire.

2660 ME empress Akallabeth I chooses Ganelon as the administrative center for the Hesperian Marches sector.

2662 Influenced by her advisor, the charismatic Maniké philosopher Rufostratus, Empress Akallabeth I begins a crackdown against the use of psionics in the Malthusian Empire.  Even the use of psionics by government agents is forbidden.

2678 League of Principalities adds its 5th Principality.

2721 An unscrupulous Ob trader sells a warp drive ship to a G’ran-Cha planet.

2736 Earth is subsumed by the Malthusian Empire.  The Psionic Institute is closed by order of Emperor Malthus II.

2736 The Psionic Institute goes underground.  Many members of the Psionic Institute escape to Edenist, Vangard and independent worlds looking for political asylum.  The Edenists provide diplomatic asylum to Jeremy Gadwah.

2741 Vangard Republic is conquered by Malthusian Empire under Malcolm I.  ME now 350 worlds in 7 sectors.

2756 The D’Sakh Hegemony of the G’ran-Cha successfully reverse-engineer the warp drive they bought from the Ob trader.

2864 Empress Akallabeth II rescinds her namesake’s Edict Against Psionics.  The Psionic Institute is restored on Earth.

2873 ME reaches its greatest extent(604 worlds in 21 sectors) under emperor Varik.

2895 Ganelon is isolated from the ME.

2936 ME degenerates to only 200 worlds in 7 sectors, no longer a major power.

2941 Earth is no longer a part of the Malthusian Empire.

2946 Commodore Lord Ingram Lyaksandro defeats a G’ran-Cha invasion force and is elected Baron-governor of the Hesperian Marches by the Plebiscite and both chambers of the Legislature.

2946 United China, the North American Confederation, the Euroafrican Community, Russia, Australasia, the Hindislamic Commonwealth, and the Lunar Republic join to form the Coalition of Earth.

2948 Mars and the Asteroidal Societies Join the Coalition.

2950 Supported by the majority of the Plebiscite and the Fleet Ingram I is declared emperor of the Terran Hegemony, later known as the Terran Empire.

2950 Prometheus and the remainder of the Solar System join the Coalition of Earth.

2963 Empress Akallabeth III abdicates her throne after signing articles incorporating the Malthusian Republic.

2972 Centaurus joins the Coalition of Earth.

2984 Tien Lung joins the Coalition of Earth.

3384 Remnants of the Malthusian Republic, Draconian Commonwealth, Ross-Wolf Cluster, Coalition of Earth and the Pollux Alliance join in mutual security and trade talks that will lead to the creation of the Federation of Human Worlds.

3392 The Federation of Human Worlds is officially formed.  263 worlds in 9 sectors.

3402 The Reformation Wars:  The FHW uses diplomacy and force to consolidate the majority of the old Solar Union and many non-SU worlds.

3487 A more liberal political leaning in the FHW leads it to prefer exploration and peaceful diplomacy to the aggressive conquest of the Reformation Wars.  At 684 planets in 25 sectors it is at least as large as the Solar Union at its height.

3487 FHW encounters its first equivalent power, the so-called Terran Empire of Ganelon.  With 786 worlds in 21 sectors it is larger than the FHW but not as populous nor as wealthy.

3489 After a mysterious collision between a Federation frigate and an Imperial freighter in the neutral Brixianus system, emperor Fernand II declares war on the FHW.

3493 The People’s Consensus of Southclaw is forcefully integrated into the League of Principalities as the 6th Principality, but it retains its democratic character.

3498 The first war between the Terran Empire and the Federation of Human Worlds ends with very little settled.

3502 After admitting Sha Kiar, a Fruzanni world as a member the FHW changes its name to the Federation of Worlds.

3505 FW begins construction of Dyson Sphere around Wolf 359.

3505 Nishapur is recontacted by the Federation of Worlds.

3542 FW completes construction of the Wolf 359 sphere. Antimatter production in the Federation immediately triples.

3879 FW begins construction of a Sphere around Lalande 21185.

3900 FW completes construction on the Lalande 21185 Sphere.

3923 Perfection of the Forward-Gant process alllows the Federation to produce more antimatter with their current facilities than they will need in the forseeable future.

3924 The Federation offers to sell the Forward-Gant process to the pNu and Fruzanni.  The pNu state that they have already developed a similar process and have no need to buy it.  The Fruzanni, on the other hand wholeheartedly accept the offer.

3926 The Federation of Worlds begins closing down smaller, more inefficient antimatter production facilities.  Wolf 359 is retooled to produce exotic matter, which may increase the speed and efficiency of new starships.

3938 The first exotic-matter driven, antimatter-powered starships are built by the Federation. They vastly outclass anything else in local space except pNu ships.

3940 For the first time in 80 years the pNu entry to the Terra Cup does not win.  A human-built ship, the exotic-matter driven Sunchaser, wins the race.

4152 The Terran Empire builds its first Dyson Sphere around Arkham 26 a small M class dwarf star.

4186 Ganelon falls to Federation forces in the Third Imperial War.  Emperor Lothair II moves his capitol to Fredericksworld.

4195 The Federation of Human Worlds contacts the Edenist Theocracy, currently the oldest continuously extant state in Human Space.  The Edenists rebuff attempts at peaceful integration into the Federation.

4203 Ganelon is incorporated as the new administrative center of the Ganelon Core sector by the Federation.

4279-4287 Edenist War:  After a purported Edenists attempt to psionically subvert the leadership of Nuevo Alcantara, a Federation world, the Federation attempts to integrate the Edenist worlds by force.  The attempt is unsuccessful and ends in a cease-fire.

4308 Diplomatic relations are opened between the Federation of Worlds and the Edenist Theocracy.

4352 The Psionic Institute on Earth hires Karloff Goran, an Edenist psionic teacher.

4438 Emperor Konrad IV moves the capitol of the Terran Empire to Thorheim.

4502 Sigismuth Halburn of Thorheim leads the Terran Empire.

4517 Iskander Dzorung publishes “Mathematical Principles of History,” on Cenobia.

4520 The Grand Survey shows that the Federation of Worlds governs 2,379 worlds in 68 sectors.  It is estimated that the Terran Empire rules 1,843 worlds in 42 sectors.

4523-4527 Theodore Nevski is a student of Doctor Iskander Dzorung.

4526 Terran Empire and Federation of Worlds exchange Embassies.  An Imperial Embassy is built in Kinshasa on Earth, and a Federation Embassy is opened in Konradstadt on Thorheim.

4527 Theodore Nevski joins the Federation Patrol.

4531 Iskander Dzorung acquires the Klangram that had been possessed by Oberst Hakenkreuz.  His personality begins to change. People describe him as arrogant, contemptuous and moody.

4531 Theodore Nevski graduates from Patrol Academy on Prometheus.

4534 Doctor Dzorung begins research into the primitive native culture of the Namaj on Bekkungden.

A selection of aliens:

Humans+, Fruzanni(2157)+, Sha’Twee’Ar+, pNu(2162)=, Ob=, G’ran-Cha*, Vugoa=, Juvakar*, Thorans+, Klarr*, Supak=, Janivam, Halvyrn, Jtangri, Mwaha?, Phorb, Hlothuchukri(2136)?


For those who are interested:

I have a post already in the cue for the morning of December 9th. It will be on the relativistic effects of very fast spaceflight.

Hopefully this will prove of interest or use.

The Astrographer

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