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This just in. gplates can actually move pieces of rasters on a globe. So far I haven’t used this in anger. Just a proof of concept with existing data and imagery. For Earth, of course. People seem a little obsessed … Continue reading

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Continental Drift the gplates Way

Okay. So in the last post we discussed the process of creating vector features with gplates. Now, we’re going to touch on the real bread-and-butter of gplates: simulated continental drift. This is just going to be a getting started course … Continue reading

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Using gplates for Realistic Worldbuilding

I was “recently” introduced(re-introduced as I already had an older version) to gplates in a world mapping thread on the sfrpg forum. There’s some good stuff in that thread. Ishmael’s gimmick for baking planet surface texture maps in Blender is … Continue reading

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