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The Ragged Edge

This is kind of a development document trying to get some of my ideas about human interstellar settlement into order. It’s both kind of in-character and out-of-character as I haven’t quite worked out the specifics of the fictional technology and … Continue reading

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Sadwillow Rebooted

The map on this page got me to thinking about automated terrain generation again. I’ve discussed the inadequacies of most terrain generation before, and I stand by it. On the other hand, as Realmwright says, there are advantages to exploring and … Continue reading

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Eyeball Worlds

A post on the Sci-Fi Ideas page got me thinking about face-locked habitable planets again. My previous posts on Yaccatrice kind of cheated on the problem of tidal face-locking by placing the habitable world in a lunar orbit of a much … Continue reading

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