Using “Planet” for 16-bit planetary maps

Reblogging a two year old post. Oldies but goodies…


The map on this page got me to thinking about automated terrain generation again. I’ve discussed the inadequacies of most terrain generation before, and I stand by it. On the other hand, as Realmwright says, there are advantages to exploring and filling in an existing map. Much as die rolls serve to spur the imagination in the generation of other planetary parameters, so does a randomly genned map. That’s not to say I’d use a generated map exactly as is. As a geography guy I feel it’s a matter of honor to improve the terrains and maps I’m presented with.

I had originally thought that the map on Realmwright’s page was generated using Torben Mogensen’s Planet generator, but it turns out that the Donjon generator he links to is actually a working implementation of John Olsson’s(johol) old FWMG generator. The cgi on Mr. Olsson’s online app no longer…

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  1. Astrographer says:

    Okay. I clearly don’t know how reblogging is supposed to work. Oh well. More to come soon!

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