Hermes, Titan and Horizon Launch Vehicles


An oblique perspective view of the full Horizon 41 stack.

An oblique perspective view of the full Horizon 41 stack.

In the same alternative sixties that produced the Soviet KT-1 Moon Rocket, the United States had it’s own efforts at heavy lift. Some of the information, specifically span, will have to remain indeterminate until I get them modelled in Blender. Have to make it look “good” after all.

Goddard Hermes

The first is the 196-inch Goddard Spacerocket Corporation Hermes LV.

Hermes First Stage

Diameter: 4.978m
Span: ?
Length: 12.700m(14.830m including engines)
Dry mass: 8,923kg
Propellant mass: 199,439kg
Thrust: 3,790.80kN(vacuum) 4 x H-1
Isp: 289s(vac)
Total mass: 208,362kg

Hermes Interstage

Diameter: 4.978m
Length: 1.829m
Dry mass: 2,000kg
Protects the RL-10 engines on the second stage.

Hermes Second Stage

Diameter: 4.978m(9.347m including engines)
Length: 7.620m
Dry mass: 4,775kg
Propellant mass: 38,324kg
Thrust: 266.80kN(vacuum) 4 x RL-10A-1
Isp: 425s(vac)
Total mass: 43,099kg


185x185km, 28.5º         8,486kg
480x480km, 50º            7,492kg
185x35785km, 28.5º     1,990kg
185x35785km, 0º            689kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0            713kg

Douglas Titan

My next model is the bigger and newer 232-inch Douglas Space Systems Titan LV. No relation to any OTL rocket with a similar name.

Titan First Stage

Diameter: 5.893m
Span: ?
Length: 20.320m
Dry mass: 32,776kg
Propellant mass: 447,704kg
Thrust: 9,422.95kN(vacuum) 5 x E-1
Isp: 290s(vac)
Total mass: 480,480kg

Titan Interstage

Diameter: 5.893m
Dry mass: 2,000kg
Protects the J-2 engine on the second stage.

Titan Second Stage

Diameter: 5.893m
Length: 12.090m
Dry mass: 9,207kg
Propellant mass: 90,161kg
Thrust: 1,033.1kN(vacuum) 1 x J-2
Isp: 421s(vac)
Total mass: 99,368kg

Phoenix Adapter

Diameter: 5.893m
Length: 0.9650m
Dry mass: 2,500kg
Only used with the Phoenix manned capsule.

Capabilities(without Phoenix adapter)

185x185km, 28.5º           22,124kg
480x480km, 50º            19,721kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      6,528kg
185x35785km, 0º            3,451kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0            3,508kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15           1,376kg

Capabilities(with Phoenix adapter)

185x185km, 28.5º           19,623kg
480x480km, 50º             17,219kg

This one is clearly our American Proton.

USSF Horizon

Horizon_Right_OrthoA genuine Von Braunian Frankenrocket using pieces from the Douglas Titan and the Goddard Hermes to genuinely create “Cluster’s Last Stand.” Developed to loft the heavy Looking Glass spy satellite. Later made (in)famous by the McKinley Rocket Base incident.

Consists of Titan First Stage core with a cluster of two or four Hermes First Stage boosters. The Second Stage is a Titan Second Stage and it’s Third Stage is a Hermes Second Stage.

Capabilities(0 boosters + upper stage)Horizon 1

185x185km, 28.5º           25,340kg
480x480km, 50º            23,111kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      10,855kg
185x35785km, 0º             7,934kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0              7,983kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15            5,947kg

Capabilities(2 boosters, no upper stage)Horizon 20

185x185km, 28.5º           37,229kg
480x480km, 50º            33,599kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      13,949kg
185x35785km, 0º            9,424kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0             9,506kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15           6,388kg

Capabilities(4 boosters, no upper stage)Horizon 40

185x185km, 28.5º           49,524kg
480x480km, 50º            44,794kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      19,661kg
185x35785km, 0º            13,949kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0             14,053kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15           10,144kg

Capabilities(2 boosters + upper stage)Horizon 21

185x185km, 28.5º           39,038kg
480x480km, 50º            35,768kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      17,993kg
185x35785km, 0º            13,753kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0             13,819kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15           10,858kg

Capabilities(4 boosters + upper stage)Horizon 41Horizon_Top_Ortho

185x185km, 28.5º           50,516kg
480x480km, 50º            46,342kg
185x35785km, 28.5º      23,983kg
185x35785km, 0º            18,647kg
185x ∞ km, C3=0             18,724kg
185x ∞ km, C3=15           14,985kg

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