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Gas Giant Texture Tutorial

So here’s my much delayed tutorial for making better gas giant textures. I really did intend to get this posted by Friday, but it proved shockingly slow, with a lot of false starts and dead ends. Particularly shocking since I … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve gotten behind and let my post queue evaporate Over Spring Break, I drove the family down to California. It was a good vacation, but I didn’t have a chance to send any posts up the pipe. Since returning, … Continue reading

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Using Blender to Bake Icosahedral Maps

Getting back to my usual maps and planetary textures, today I am responding to the comment by Gregrox, here. I did previously make some recommendations for converting equirectangular maps to the icosahedral projection, but Photoshop and Flexify are far from … Continue reading

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The Ksufesh Wyvern

The Ksufesh Wyvern is an airborne predator which has used its speed and flying ability to nest in extensive caverns high in the mountains of Ksufesh’s largely desolate continents, keeping the young safe from most predators while the parents are … Continue reading

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