The Ksufesh Wyvern

The Ksufesh Wyvern is an airborne predator which has used its speed and flying ability to nest in extensive caverns high in the mountains of Ksufesh’s largely desolate continents, keeping the young safe from most predators while the parents are away on long hunting expeditions in the seas of Ksufesh.

The scales on the upper body of the adult Ksufesh wyvern are richly impregnated with lead and other heavy minerals to protect it from incoming radiation. During outbursts of radiation from Gzietsia3741 B, young wyverns are forced to remain in the caverns until they can develop their thick leaden scales  Due to the weight of lead in the wyvern’s scales, they can only fly due to the high density of the planet’s atmosphere, thin hollow bones and a lightweight body structure other than the beefy wings.

Ksufesh wyverns are excellent burrowers well adapted to quickly digging tunnels when they can’t find unoccupied natural tunnels and to expanding their existing nesting warrens. To help in digging through hard rock, wyverns produce and store a powerful acid and spray it out accurately to considerable distances. This also provides them with an excellent defensive weapon. Ksufesh wyverns are excellent swimmers, spending most of their time swimming in the seas of Ksufesh hunting the prolific marine fauna.

The only significant predator of the Ksufesh wyvern is the Damnthing, a large predatory species of “flying fish” capable of swimming faster than a wyvern and even leaping high out of the water to pounce on wyverns as they slowly rise up into the air.

During extended radiation outbreaks, the lead-impregnated scales can grow so heavy that the wyvern can lose the power of flight. During these periods, a wyvern can hibernate for months on very limited food.

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The Astrographer

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