Escapist Technology

Set in the very-near-future, the smart phones may be a bit smarter and your computer may say, “Welcome,” when you get home or let you know when, “You’ve Got Mail,” but the major difference lies in the ease with which you can post extra-solar selfies on Facebook…

Antigravity – This isn’t a propulsion system, it merely nullifies gravity. If your spacefaring septic tank rises into the air it’s because of buoyancy in the atmosphere or some other means of propulsion.

Hyperdrive – Potentially FTL drive that moves in discrete jumps of several hours each. Distance travelled, and to a lesser degree, time spent depends on local gravity. Effective speeds are pretty fast, but distinctly subluminal near Earth or even Lunar gravity FTL becomes just possible somewhere north of WIP{1/10000}WIP of Earth gravity, quickly reaching maximum pseudovelocity not far south of that.

Hyperdrive is impossible in an atmosphere more dense than about 10-4 kg/cubic meter. Essentially, the hyperdrive tries to grab all of the air within reach and runs out of power before it can generate a warp bubble.

Like most of my pretend FTL drives, this one is based loosely on the metric described by Chris van den Broeck, here and briefly by Serguei Krasnikov, here. In short, a warp bubble is created that has a larger size as viewed from the inside than as seen from the outside. The fiercely radiating outer horizon of the hyperdrive bubble would fit comfortably inside the electron shell of an atom…

Artificial gravity – Sorry, the only known way to do “artificial gravity” is by spinning in a centrifuge. I like freefall and I want to play with it. Maybe sometime in the distant future… After all the hyperdrive and antigrav had to be a surprise.

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