The United Nations of Sol

—–Work In Progress—-

Also known as the Solar Union, the United Nations of Sol(UNS) is a bit more powerful and more tightly organized than the old United Nations. Many of the organizational structures are the same as the older body, but some are new to the Solar Union.

UNSEO – The United Nations Space Exploration Organization, was, as the name implies, an organization dedicated to the exploration of space. The UNSEO was created late in the life of the original UN to coordinate international space efforts such as space stations, Lunar bases and manned expeditions to Mars.

The modern UNSEO controls and maintains all of the automated and manned probes and spacecraft which explore beyond the bounds of known space. They are also in charge of maintaining maps and other information on known worlds. This includes the efforts of the Interstellar Astrographical Service and the Interstellar Census.

Couriers of the UNSEO facilitated communication between the worlds controlled by the United Nations of Sol.

UNSEO Rangers act as ship’s troops and security units aboard UNSEO vessels, as Military Police at UNSEO bases, and to protect landing parties exploring planet surfaces.

Ships of the UNSEO intended for deepspace exploration are frequently armed, and their crews are well-trained to defend themselves. In wartime, better armed UNSEO ships can be assigned to support the UNIDF.

UNIDF – The United Nations Interstellar Defense Force was created well after the old UN was reorganized into the UNS. The UNIDF existed to protect Earth and her colonies and vessels from unfriendly forces.

Ships of the UNIDF fleet are frequently based on the same hulls as UNSEO vessels, only better armed and somewhat better protected, but with reduced endurance, research facilities and other tools of exploration.

The UNIDF Marines are strictly military forces, used both as ship’s troops to protect UNIDF vessels from boarding and as rapid response ground forces.

The UNIDF Colonial Marshals acted as police and military forces on colony planets of the Solar Union.

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