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A Few New Things About Wilbur

This post is just a quick aside about a few things I noticed about Wilbur while working on my last post. • Typically, when I want to show hillshade on land, but not on the water, I go through a … Continue reading

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Playing With Blender Cycles

This is just a little something to fill in over our trip. A successful render with Blender Cycles. Musgrave Hetero Terrain noise(cycles nodes), bumpmapped diffuse shader above sealevel and a fairly simple glossy shader below sealevel. All with a hypsometric … Continue reading

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First Contact between humans and the Rax occurred at a planet orbiting one of the stars of 40 Eridani. This planet would later become a mixed Rax/human colony world. The Rax were the first sapient alien species contacted who were … Continue reading

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New Additions

In the menu, under World Builder’s Bookshelf, you’ll find two new additions to the site. With permission from Geoff Eddy, I’m mirroring his Creating an Earthlike Planet and Climate Cookbook pages. Some formatting is lost, but the valuable information is … Continue reading

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Ports of Call

A kind of odd little capsule review of Ports of Call by the recently departed Jack Vance. Continue reading

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This is a post introducing the new world where I am setting my science fiction work at present. I’ve named it for a major organization in-world, the United Nations Space Exploration Authority. I like the idea of a point of … Continue reading

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A Private Little Federation

This is another one of my little Star Trek articles. In some ways this is a development of my Star Trek-ly ideas that I’ve wanted to use in my own ‘verse. In other ways it’s almost an exorcism of sorts. … Continue reading

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Relativistic Travel

Since I like to play in a happy wishful thinking little imaginary universe where an FTL drive becomes available in the relatively near future(at least sometime somewhat familiar and comprehensible), I tend not to use relativistic travel much in my … Continue reading

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Warp Drive Physics

As you might figure from the title, this is a little post detailing the nature of faster than light travel in my own little imaginary universe. When it comes to the details of how a warp drive works… well I’ve … Continue reading

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Abandon in Place

According to NBC news, “Neil Young, the first man to walk on the moon, died Saturday…” Accuracy of the news notwithstanding, if ghost Saturn Vs start flying out of Canaveral, I’m catching a train to Florida. In case that doesn’t … Continue reading

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